Say NO to pollution. With STYLE!

Don’t underestimate the pollution. Be safe and show your style while you are protected. With X-SMOG® MASK

What make X-SMOG Mask different?


Protect yourself from dust and pollution with an anti pollution mask with the highest standards in the market. Our mask filter the 99.9% of the bacteria and give the maximum of protection!


Don’t blush anymore while wearing a common mask that make you look like a weird. Everyone like to be safe and protected, but only who wear the X-SMOG MASK have also style!


Special tested material that ensure either comfort and resistance, important especially into the urban area, and in the daily use.

According to the statistics, more than 20,000 people suffer from respiratory diseases, lung cancer, asthma , leukemia and other diseases in the serious polluted cities for a year and there are more than 8,000 people die from air pollution each year. Using a mask is not the solution, but to control the polluted air has become a priority task.


  • Safety

    Protection against solid and/or liquid aerosols and disagreeable smell, fumes and mists, Virus and bacteria.

  • Customizable

    Full customizable mask. Choose among our various colors of covers.

  • Comfort

    Special straps in rubber, made with a material that will gentle fit into you ear and give a comfortable feeling even after long time usage.